​Jazz Trio McGuire played at the Kaapse Brouwers in Rotterdam (NL) Sunday 11th November 2018. Our thanks to Koos Wiltenburg for booking us, cheers Koos🍻 Andreas Suntrop on guitar, Wim Lammen on clarinet, alto sax and baritone sax and yours truly Nick McGuire on a double bass with very sensitive gut strings that needed continuous tuning😞 It's a hard room to play but we always have fun and we'll be there again on January 6th with Stanislav Mitrovic on sax and clarinet. 

Below is a short video of the band playing Duke Ellington's In a sentimental mood, thanks to Trudie for the film!

​While we were sweating it out the fans took plenty of photo's and here they are to give an impression of the Kaapse Brouwers in Rotterdam.