Civid-19 has given us all more time to listen to, practice and enjoy music. It won't be long before we are back to normal lesson procedures, but for now, all bass lessons are temporarily online using video links. Please get in touch to find out more, book a lesson and start playing better bass!
Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Blue Grass, country and western, bass players are needed all over the place and believe me, the double bass can do it all! If you live in the Drechtsteden area and are looking for a skilled bass teacher with lots of practical experience , then this is the right place for you. The double bass lessons are tailor-made, that is, made for the individual student. The atmosphere during the lessons is informal but educational. During the double bass lessons, we work on all musical styles and approach the double bass not only as an orchestral instrument but also as a solo and accompaniment instrument. You are welcome to bring your own music to work on and I can accompany you on the piano, guitar or keyboard.


I call my method the 'all-round practical' method. It is connected with and developed from my many years as a professional performing musician. It is intended to provide a solid understanding of all aspects of music making at all levels. I cover the technical and emotional instrumental skills, basic to advanced music theory, melodic, harmonic and rhythmic awareness and how to deal with stress and nervousness, so as to become a successful and satisfied musician.

Imagine; a friendly, familiar environment where you are enthusiastically stimulated to learn and can ask questions without hesitation, where nothing is wrong, only unknown. Where your person, musical preferences and wishes are central and are taken seriously. A flexible place where musical pleasure can be combined with school, work, study, family, holidays and other activities. With a teacher with experience in music as well as “people work”.


During an informal introductory meeting, the goals and wishes of both student and teacher are discussed so that a tailor-made lesson-plan is created that leaves room for creative flexibility.


Bass lessons can be booked for 30, 45 and 60 minutes and can be given in English or Dutch.

(21% VAT is compulsory for adults older than 21years) * is with a 12 week agreement

Price list 2020-2021 bass / music lessons:

* 30 minutes incl. 21% VAT € 26,50 (excl. VAT € 21,90) 

* 45 minutes incl. 21% VAT € 35,00 (excl. VAT € 28,93) 

* 60 minutes incl. 21% VAT € 42,50 (excl. VAT € 35,12)

60 minutes Without a 12 week agreement is € 45,00 excl. VAT


'After playing very little bass for a number of years, it started to itch again and full of good must I took my bass out of the case again. I'm not the youngest anymore so I thought to myself, maybe it would be more convenient to go back to lessons. After some research on the internet, I came across this site, made an appointment and there was actually an immediate click with Nick. Although I don't always have time to practice a lot, the atmosphere was always super relaxed and our motto for the lesson was “making music is fun” and that's it. Nick is a fine and skilled bass guitar teacher, he has patience and fun, yet always balances fine with technique and the right exercises so that you can progress quickly and that regardless of your age, which is great! ' GB from HIA