Double bass lessons


trio van Gogh museumIf the guy at the back stops playing the bottom falls out of the band, bass is beautiful!

Imagine a friendly, reliable environment where you are stimulated by enthusiasm to learn and ask questions, where the word “wrong” is replaced by unknown. Where you, your musical taste and goals take centre stage and are taken seriously. A flexible environment where learning and enjoying music can be combined with work, school, families, holidays and other commitments. With a teacher who has as much experience working with people as with music.

An important part of the lessons is the use of your music, piano, guitar and keyboard accompaniment and recording equipment so that you can listen to yourself playing along with your favourite band without the regular bassist!


Bass lessons can be booked for 30,45 and 60 minutes and can be given in English or Dutch. 

(21% VAT is compulsory for adults older than 21years) IMG 1039
Price-list 2017-2018 bass / music lessons

30 minutes incl. 21 % VAT € 23,00 (excl. VAT € 19,01)
45 minutes incl. 21 % VAT € 31,00 (excl. VAT € 25,62)
60 minutes incl. 21 % VAT € 39,00 (excl. VAT € 32,23)

My first encounter with this wonderful instrument was in the REME military band in England. After relocating to the Netherlands I took lessons with Koos Wiltenburg and at the Conservatory in Rotterdam. The double bass is a most versatile instrument that can handle any musical style it's presented with and when played with the bow has countless sonic possibilities. My students learn to play the double bass with (arco) and without (pizzicato) the bow, personally I prefer arco playing for both my jazz and classical studies.